The connected home of today must support a wide range of services and applications from whole-home high speed internet to wireless HD-video and audio streaming to home automation and security. Antenna Company delivers carrier-grade embedded antenna systems for all of the wireless devices in the home which share the broadband connection.

Source: Comcast

The broadband home gateway is the delivery point for wireless connectivity services in the home.   The new generation of broadband gateways will offer Wi-Fi 6 connectivity with multi-gigabit data rates, together with IoT support for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and ZigBee devices.

Antenna Company offers embedded solutions that are customized to offer the best size, performance and coverage in broadband gateway form factors.

Our high performance antennas provide superior radiation characteristics with greater efficiency and gain compared to conventional antennas. Optimized reference designs are available for Wi-Fi 6 MIMO system configurations ranging from 2×2 up to 8×8. The improved performance resulting from our low-loss, high efficiency designs delivers higher application throughput over distance for both line of sight and non-line of sight conditions.

Antenna placement, polarization and gain are designed to achieve the best overall coverage and uniformity.   This approach eliminates nulls in the radiation pattern which could result in Wi-Fi blind spots and customer service calls.

Wi-Fi mesh router networks help overcome the challenge of whole home coverage and enable the consumer to manage an ever-growing network.

Antenna Company’s family of on-board Wi-Fi antennas are designed for integration into compact Wi-Fi mesh routers that require cost-effective, MIMO Wi-Fi 6 support.

LTE home routers and consumer small cell solutions aggregate LTE bandwidth in both licensed and unlicensed spectrum to increase capacity and extend coverage.

Antenna Company offers LTE MIMO antenna solutions that add support for LTE in the unlicensed bands such as 3300-3800 MHz.   Our embedded antenna systems offer high gain and extended coverage, without sacrificing antenna isolation or performance in small product IDs.