Multi-User Streaming Connectivity

Streaming 4K Ultra High Definition content requires low-latency wireless connectivity that can support multiple users no matter where they may be located in the home. Antenna Company’s high performance embedded Wi-Fi antennas enable Set Top Box and Home Gateway manufacturers to integrate MIMO antennas into their platforms without compromising antenna performance. To address the demanding form factor and integration requirements, Antenna Company has developed compact on-board antenna options for both 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz.

Solution Benefits

  • Eliminates need for matching circuits
  • Excellent isolation and resistance to antenna de-tuning
  • Uniform, high gain quasi-omnidirectional radiation pattern

Connectivity for the Smart Home

Whether it is the thermostat, lighting, security camera or home appliance – consumers are expecting all of their devices to be connected so they can monitor usage, receive notifications and configure the systems on the go. The requirements for connected devices in the Smart Home are different from streaming applications which require high bandwidth – in contrast, small size and low power consumption dominate product design considerations. For these applications, Antenna Company has developed small on-board antennas which offer excellent coverage and performance while allowing output power to be minimized to save on battery life.

Solution Benefits

  • Ultra-small form factor
  • Direct PCB integration
  • Stable radiation pattern with excellent uniformity
  • Enables reduced power consumption