Antenna Company leadership

Management Team

David Favreau

David Favreau has over 20 years of leadership experience in the wireless industry with a successful track record of scaling new businesses and driving product innovation. Prior to joining Antenna Company, David served as Vice President, Product Management at Qualcomm, where he achieved market leadership for its mobile and computing wireless connectivity products. Prior to that, he held senior management roles at RF Micro Devices, Agere Systems, and Lucent Technologies. David began his engineering career at Texas Instruments and held R&D positions at AT&T Bell Laboratories. David earned his B.S. and M.Eng. degrees in Applied and Engineering Physics from Cornell University. He holds five U.S. Patents in the field of semiconductor device technology.

Diego Caratelli

Diego Caratelli is a founding member of Antenna Company and is responsible for its technical direction and product development. Diego received the Laurea (summa cum laude) and Ph.D. degrees in Electronic Engineering, as well the M.Sc. degree (summa cum laude) in Applied Mathematics from Sapienza University of Rome, Italy. From 2005 to 2007, he was a Research Fellow at the Department of Electronic Engineering, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy, where he was appointed Contract Professor of Interdisciplinary Laboratory. From 2007 to 2013, he was Senior Researcher at the International Research Centre for Telecommunications and Radar of Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands. Diego has been published in more than 100 international journals, book chapters, and conference proceedings.

Johan Gielis
VP Research & Materials

Johan Gielis is a founding member of Antenna Company and developed the underlying mathematical transformation that SuperShape® antennas are based on. Johan graduated as an engineer in the horticultural sciences and his career evolved in the direction of plant biotechnology. In the course of his work he discovered a novel mathematical transformation, the Gielis transformations, that unify a wide range of natural and abstract shapes and patterns into one simple mathematical generalization. Prior to Antenna Company, Johan co-founded Genicap Beheer BV to develop applications using the Gielis formula. Since 2011, Johan Gielis is professor at the Biosciences Engineering Department at the University of Antwerp.

John Graham
VP Worldwide Sales

John Graham brings more than 25 years of sales, marketing and general management experience in the system-level software, component and semiconductor industries.  He has a successful track record of building high tech product lines with a global customer base. Prior to joining Antenna Company, John was providing sales and marketing consulting services for technology companies.  Recently, John was VP & General Manager of Pulse Electronics Wireless Division providing intelligent antenna design & manufacturing solutions for mobile devices and infrastructure.  John has also served as Vice President of Marketing at Maxlinear Inc. and Entropic Communications.  Prior to Entropic he was co-founder & CEO of CPU emulation software start up Transitive.  John spent 10 years at Conexant and Brooktree and held positions as General Manager and VP marketing for the chip makers Consumer Product Division. John earned his Bachelors in Electrical & Electronic Engineering from the University of Nottingham, England and has an MBA from the University of San Diego.

Andre van Hees
SVP Operations

With over 30 years of WiFi industry experience Andre has operated in a wide variety of capacities ranging from managing outdoor wireless systems development to being an expert in outsourced manufacturing and quality systems. Prior to his current role at The Antenna Company, Andre co-founded AirTies Wireless Networks where he served as Executive Vice President Operations/Business Excellence from 2004 to 2016, and also served on the Board of Directors. Earlier on in his career he held several management and technical positions at Proxim, Agere Systems, Lucent Technologies, AT&T and NCR. Andre graduated BS cum laude electrical engineering and computer science from Avans University, Breda, the Netherlands.