Wi-Fi SDRA Antenna for Mobile Computing

As notebooks migrate to thinner form factors and displays use more of the available surface area, the space available for wireless antennas is shrinking – which presents system design challenges for the manufacturer. One option is to migrate the wireless antenna to the hinge location of the notebook. Antenna Company has developed the industry’s first polymer based dielectric resonator antenna for high performance 802.11ac MIMO notebook designs. The antenna form factor is customized to the unique system environment and industrial design constraints to ensure reliable mechanical integration with outstanding RF performance.

Our dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi antennas for notebooks exhibit high gain, high efficiency, while maintaining excellent isolation characteristics between antennas. Independent testing has confirmed performance benefits which include higher throughput over distance for both line of sight and non-line of sight conditions. Reduction in antenna size frees up additional space for the integration of other wireless technologies such as LTE or 60GHz.

Solution Benefits

  • Up to 40% reduction in size compared to conventional LDS (Laser Direct Structuring) designs
  • Excellent MIMO performance, resulting in throughput over range improvements
  • > 20 dB isolation between antennas in small notebook form factor
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PCB Antennas for Wi-Fi and Cellular Integration

For system designs where the SuperShape® DRA approach is not possible due to available space, Antenna Company has also developed PCB based designs which offer another integration alternative. These designs employ our SuperShape® design methodology to enable excellent uniformity and coverage over Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G LTE bands.

Due to the number of LTE bands needed for global roaming, Antenna Company works closely with the OEM early in the design cycle to understand system requirements and to optimize the antenna design to utilize the smallest space possible, avoid de-tuning and to meet the performance required for operator certifications.