Wi-Fi without Blind Spots

The most common reason for Wi-Fi blind spots in the home is sub-optimal performance of the antennas in the home gateway or access point. While MIMO technology can increase throughput and range, Wi-Fi coverage can vary significantly due to low gain, low efficiency antennas which cannot provide strong signal coverage in the most demanding environments.   Strong coupling between antennas and interference from other signals in the same frequency band can further degrade performance.

Our high performance antennas provide superior radiation characteristics with greater efficiency and gain compared to conventional antennas. Antenna Company has optimized dual-band and single band solutions for compact, embedded designs which require high levels of isolation between multiple antennas. Optimized reference designs are available for MIMO or Multi-User MIMO system configurations ranging from 2×2 up to 8×8. Performance testing has shown that a 3x reduction in antenna separation is possible using our technology while maintaining excellent isolation characteristics. The improved performance resulting from our low-loss, high efficiency designs delivers higher application throughput over distance for both line of sight and non-line of sight conditions.

Solution Benefits

  • Better connectivity – eliminate Wi-Fi blind spots and increase throughput over range
  • Highly integrated designs – eliminate external antennas without compromising performance
  • More antennas, less interference – support for MIMO configurations up to 8×8


Smart Cities, Network Offload and Wireless Backhaul

Our SuperShape® directional Wi-Fi antennas are designed to enable high performance antenna arrays in small form factors for harsh outdoor applications – while outperforming conventional solutions which require greater size. Our designs are well-suited for high density metropolitan, stadium and arena deployments as well as 3G/4G network offload applications.

By utilizing arrays of small, high gain antenna elements, Antenna Company is able to customize solutions to deliver high peak gain integrated antennas with small form factor for improved aesthetics and ease of mounting. Our narrow-beam designs with high directionality and H/V polarization enable the RF energy to be focused to achieve extended range.   Independent benchmarking has shown range improvement of 2x compared to convenient outdoor antennas. With a maximum data rate of 1.3 Gbps in the 5-GHz band and 600 Mbps in the 2.4-GHz band, outdoor access point designs using our antennas are able to support concurrent dual-radio operation at speeds that greatly exceed Fast Ethernet.

Enabling next-generation multi-Gigabit wireless

As requirements for network capacity increase to support the insatiable growth in mobile traffic, antenna technology will become an even more significant factor in achieving overall wireless system performance. At Antenna Company, we are already developing solutions that will enable next-generation multi-Gigabit wireless applications, including designs for 802.11ax, Wi-Fi/LTE convergence and mmWave applications.

The combination of our polymer DRA and SuperShape® technology enable us to achieve compact, multi-band designs without the need for external filtering or isolation techniques.

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