5G promises to deliver massive improvements in network capacity by utilizing new 5G frequency spectrum in both sub-6GHz and 24-40 GHz millimeter-wave (mm-wave) frequency bands.  Antenna Company’s 5G solutions include antenna systems for 5G small cell, gNodeB and fixed wireless applications.


Our mm-wave designs combine Antenna Company’s patented SuperShape™ and DRA technology to achieve wide-band operation over the 24-30 GHz frequency bands. Our  designs are scalable to support 37-40 GHz frequency bands for global band support across the mm-wave spectrum.

Antenna Company’s mm-wave active array features 64 dual-polarization antenna elements, 5G NR radio transceiver, RF front-end, and support for beam-steering and beam-forming.

The mm-wave DRA array demonstrates reduced scanning losses, lower sidelobe levels and greater maximum scan angle compared to a conventional patch array using the same configuration and inter-element separation.

Our rigorous systems-based design approach enables customers to integrate 5G antennas into their end products without compromise.  Antenna Company works with customers early in their design cycle to ensure optimal coverage for their application use case.


Antenna Company provides customizable antenna systems that add support for CBRS plus C-band coverage (3300-4200 MHz bands) to complement existing 4G LTE bands.  High gain of 10-12 dBi can be achieved for 4×4 MIMO configuration.