Smart Energy

Building Sustainable Energy Management Systems

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we have developed products that help energy providers and end-users monitor and reduce overall energy consumption.  Antenna Company’s wide range of Smart Energy antenna products support critical infrastructure, smart meters and cellular routers.  Whether the application requires solutions for outdoor or indoor operation, external or embedded integration, residential or commercial use, Antenna Company has a solution designed for that purpose.

Critical Infrastructure

Real time coordination of the rising electricity demand is key to match the increasingly variable production of energy by sustainable sources. A mismatch in supply and demand leads to cascading power outages and eventually systemic blackouts. A smarter grid is therefore critical for a stable and successful energy transition.

The Antenna Company provides connectivity solutions that enable energy providers to utilize private or public networks operating in the 410/450 MHz or 4G frequency bands.

Smart Meter  

Intelligent or “Smart” meters enable secure, bi-directional data communication necessary for smart grids.

Through cellular, ISM band or410/450 MHz LTE connectivity, energy providers can obtain meter readings and usage remotely, which eliminates the need for on-site readings.

Antenna Company’s smart meter antennas play vital role in enabling reliable connectivity to the smart grid.


RF Coupler

RF coupler products are offered to provide high voltage isolation for external antennas used to extend wireless range in a wide variety of applications, including off-network Smart Utility Meters, Residential & Commercial Smart Meters, LED Street Lighting and Substation monitoring.

>10kV electrical isolation enables safe routing of the RF signal from the NIC or wireless modem to a remote external antenna

antenna isolation or performance in small product IDs.

Cellular Router Antennas for Smart Grid

The Antenna Company provides high-performance antennas for cellular routers designed for smart grid and smart city applications.   The antennas cover 450-470 MHz frequency bands and enable fallback to 4G bands.

Antenna Company’s smart meter antennas play vital role in enabling reliable connectivity to the smart grid.

We are a member of the 450 MHz Alliance, which is an industry association representing stakeholders in the 450 MHz spectrum. The members of the alliance include wireless carriers, equipment manufacturers, and companies in various vertical markets for machine-to-machine communication. The alliance is committed to promoting the potential of the 450 MHz spectrum and helping its members achieve their objectives more effectively