5G / Consumer broadband

Multi-Gigabit, Low Latency Performance

The connected home of today must support a wide range of services and applications from whole-home high-speed internet to wireless HD-video and audio streaming to home automation and security. Antenna Company delivers carrier-grade embedded antenna systems for all the wireless devices in the home which share the broadband connection.

5G Fixed Wireless Access 

5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) provides high-speed last-mile connectivity to developed and developing countries around the world. “In developing countries where fixed broadband adoption is low, FWA is being used to drive first-time broadband adoption”, according to the GSMA Intelligence report.  As a result, global FWA subscribers are expected to grow to nearly 0.5 Billion by 2030, based on estimates by Counterpoint Research.


Antenna Company is enabling the rapid adoption of 5G FWA by providing high-performance, cost-effective outdoor customer premise equipment (CPE) with high-gain n77/n78 antennas.  Solutions are also available for indoor 5G FWA CPE systems supporting 600MHz to 6GHz operation.


The broadband home gateway is the delivery point for wireless connectivity services in the home.   The new generation of broadband gateways will offer 5GNR and Wi-Fi 7 connectivity with multi-gigabit data rates, together with IoT support for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and ZigBee devices.  


Antenna Company offers embedded solutions that are customized to offer the best size, performance and coverage in broadband gateway form factors.   Reference designs are available for both Qualcomm and MediaTek based platforms.

LTE Performance Optimization  

Next generation CPE systems may require between 18 and 20 antennas.  Antenna Company offers broadband LTE antennas which can deliver optimized performance in compact form factors, without compromising antenna efficiency, isolation or pattern uniformity.


Both omni-directional and directional antenna options are available to tailor the antenna radiation pattern to the desired use case and CPE installation scenario.

Wi-Fi 7 Home Networking 

Our high-performance antennas provide superior radiation characteristics with greater efficiency and more uniform gain. Optimized reference designs are available for Wi-Fi 6E/7 MIMO system configurations ranging from 2×2 up to 8×8.


Our Wi-Fi embedded antennas are available as standard products or as customized antenna elements for peak system performance.

Wi-Fi Performance Optimization  

Antenna placement, polarization and gain are designed to achieve the best overall coverage and uniformity.   This approach eliminates nulls in the radiation pattern which could result in Wi-Fi blind spots and customer service calls.


The improved performance resulting from our high efficiency designs delivers higher application throughput over distance for both line of sight and non-line of sight conditions.


The Antenna Company is bringing mmWave antenna technology to the market for frequency bands between 24 to 39 GHz.   With the use of dielectric resonator array (DRA) technology, we able to support wide-band operation while also improving antenna performance by reducing sidelobe levels and increasing scanning range.


Applications include Fixed Wireless Access for last mile connectivity, Radar, and Satellite Communications.

Applications include Fixed Wireless Access for last mile connectivity, Radar, and Satellite Communications.

6G Future Networking  Services

6G will see the emergence of systems that will integrate joint communication and sensing (JCAS) functionalities to deliver enhanced network services and new use cases based on the spatial knowledge of one’s physical environment.

The Antenna Company is working in cooperation with other industry leaders as part of 6G Future Network Services project sponsored by the Dutch National Growth Fund.