Antenna Company was formed to commercialize a new, innovative ‘geometry based’ antenna technology. This new way of shaping and building antennas has enormous potential for a wide range of wireless applications ranging from sub-GHz to mmWave frequencies. At the heart of our technology is a combination of patented innovations that integrate advanced materials, RF system know-how and “SuperFormula” design principles to realize high performance 2D and 3D antennas.


Superior isolation between antennas


Size reduction without compromise

Faster Network Connections

Maximizing MIMO system performance


Stronger transmit/receive signal quality

Our SuperShape® antenna technology applications

Antenna Company offers antenna solutions for a wide range of consumer and enterprise applications. Our designs are focused on applications where best in class antenna performance is required. We offer a growing family of standard product and customized solutions, spanning Wi-Fi, Cellular and GPS functionality. Our strength is in understanding the system requirements of each customer design and ensuring that optimal performance can be achieved without the “trial and error” approach commonly used in competitor designs.

Take a tour through the applications shown below to learn more about Antenna Company’s capabilities and system solutions.